Deliberate effort to circumvent Akrama Sakrama

The BBMP’s move to allow the conversion of ‘B Khata’ properties to ‘A Khata’ is nothing but a deliberate attempt to  circumvent the Akrama Sakrama scheme introduced by the state government to regularise unauthorised buildings and layouts in the city, which is currently pending before the Supreme Court.

The BBMP’s plan to regularise building violations by allowing conversion from B to A Khata will only dilute the Akrama Sakrama case before the court. And once this happens, it will be able to freely grant all illegalities a legal status with the issuance of the ‘A Khata’ as only the building violations will be left to be dealt with. The civic body could later come up with another scheme to overlook even these violations.

We will not sit idle while it tries to bring in such laws as they will only benefit the land sharks and real estate developers. The BBMP’s defence that the ‘B Khata’ holders will be able to get bank loans and all the facilities  enjoyed by the ‘A Khata’ holders is only partially true as the ‘B Khata’ owners are even today getting almost all the facilities like water, roads and electricity on par with ‘A Khata’ holders.

Presently, most of the layouts formed only have ‘B Khata’. With this move they will all get ‘A Khata’ and the land rates will double, greatly helping those in real estate.


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