DCP’s foot-in-mouth response to tweet upsets Indiranagar residents

Bengaluru: A war of words broke out on Twitter between the DCP (East) Ajay Hillori and the residents of Indiranagar on Sunday over the the police officer’s reply on noise pollution in pubs and bars beyond the deadline.

They took exception to Hillori’s sarcastic reply to a complaint about loud music that was played at a pub in Indiranagar past midnight, and remarked that it was not in good taste and lambasted him for his ‘attitude’ and ‘shirking responsibility’.

An Indiranagar resident Sultan Singh took to Twitter and complained to Hilori saying, “It's past midnight and still loud music of the DJ plus screaming noise continues from Tipsy Bull pub #2008, 100ft Road, Indiranagar, despite complaining about police helpline. Why are the SC orders on noise pollution not being implemented? He tagged his tweet to Hilori and also to the Deputy Chief Minister Dr G Parameshwar and others.

The DCP replied to the tweet saying, “I would like to invite you to my office. Plz come and show me that order. I would really like to go through that order line by line, word by word, ‘along with you’.”

The reply did not go down well with Indiranagar residents and evoked sharp rebukes.

Indiranagar Ist Stage Residents Welfare Association replied to Hillori saying, “Your reply is unbecoming of your post and of an officer! If this is your attitude, one of shirking responsibility, then God save Bengaluru!! Nevertheless, we will be there to educate you on the court orders.”

“Your office is for the law abiding citizens, not for an illegally run dirty business. The proof is very well known to you, regarding the blatant violations by these establishments. You haven't done anything significant since taking over the east zone. Kindly act,” tweeted Dr Vikram Narayana, a resident of Indiranagar.

Later, Sultan Singh replied by saying, “Sir, Please give us residents a time and we shall be happy to meet you and show you the SC order and also the KSPCB rules.”

Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986, formulated by Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, has set permissible limits of noise for the residential area at 55 decibels (dB) and 45 decibels, during the day and night respectively. The Supreme Court in 2005 banned the playing of music on loudspeakers after 10 pm.

Recently, city Police Commissioner T. Suneel Kumar had issued strict orders making police permission mandatory for all pubs and bars that play even recorded music and also observe strict deadline to play music.

While raids are being carried out at the pubs and the bars that violate the guidelines on loud music and the keeping them open beyond the permissible time, Hillori’s reply had come as a surprise for the residents as they are shocked over he being ignorant of the orders of his boss. 


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