Dasara Aahara Mela: Bamboo biriyani, mushroom & crab curry a big draw

Like in the previous years, tribal food, that too Bamboo Biriyani, juice made out of Makali Beru, Ragi Rotti made of Muthuga leaves, traditional and spicy crab curry are in great demand at the Dasara Aahara Mela.

Bamboo Chicken Biriyani is rice and chicken mixed in spices stuffed into a piece of raw bamboo stem that is put into fire till outer later becomes charcoal. The bamboo stem is closed with green leaves blocking the steam while food gets cooked.

Another delicacy, which is available at the tribal food counter is the kheer prepared using herbal leaves. It tastes similar to that of any other kheer but has a lot of medicinal values. Curry made out of wild bananas, bamboo rice payasam and Ballekai delicacies are also pulling in crowds. Kaadu Ballekai is an effective medicine for stomach ailments and the tribals eat them after cooking them in hot embers.

Specially-prepared Crab Curry and Ragi Balls (Nalli Saaru – Ragi Mudde), Teetar, forest tubers and roots, forest honey are selling like hot cakes. Nalli Saaru is prepared by the same group of tribal youths who prepare the Bamboo Biriyani. Variety of dishes in mushroom are also available at the stalls.

Tribal people from hamlets of Periyapatna, H.D. Kote and Hunsur taluks, Chamarajanagar and Kodagu districts have formed a team to prepare different variety of tribal food.

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