Cops to shop owners: Get a CCTV for safety

Bengaluru: The city police have taken up the task to educate the shopkeepers and owners of business establishment about the importance of CCTV cameras.

They have asked them to install the cameras which would provide safety to the public and vital clues to the police department when any untoward incident happens in the vicinity.

These CCTV cameras will also act as a deterrent to anti-social elements.

A senior police officer said, “Every station in the city has been directed to create awareness about the CCTV cameras. The beat constables while on patrolling have been asked to educate the shop keepers, house owners and other business establishment, especially those located on the main roads and important junctions, to install CCTV cameras. They are even spreading the word in residential areas, as we never know where crimes might happen. These cameras will provide vital clues to and help solve cases.”

“We have even asked the shopkeepers to pool in money among themselves to install the cameras and also take the help of the jurisdictional police in placing the cameras. Our aim is to ensure that the city is equipped with the CCTV cameras where ever possible and these cameras will act as an eye,” he added.

Another police official said thought the government is also installing cameras, but it is our duty to educate the public about its importance.

“While the government does its job, we will do ours to and the public should join hands to keep the city safe from anti-social elements. Even house owners too need to install the cameras, as it can keep an eye on the movement of people on the roads and these visuals can be used if there is any incident reported,” he added.


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