Cops quiz aides of Shiroor seer

UDUPI: Investigation into the mysterious death of the seer of Shiroor  Matha has been expedited by local police officers with focus on interrogation of personal staff, cooks and close associates of the swamiji in the wake of suspicion that he was poisoned.  Police officers are trying to track down people who met the seer during his stay in Shiroor before his hospitalization on Tuesday.  In addition, sources said a woman who used to visit the Matha regularly and provide food to the seer was also questioned. The woman, residing near Udupi, used to visit the Matha in a car frequently and bring food for Swamiji and sometimes would also stay in there. 

By evening, social media was abuzz with messages and photos that the woman also was seen wearing some of the golden ornaments of the seer. Meanwhile, sources said that the Swamiji who suffered from health problems since last few months would visit only few hospitals in which he had confidence.  "He was suffering from various ailments related to lever and kidneys. The health condition was very bad. In last 8 months, his condition was very bad and he went several times to the hospital. He did not want his health condition to be a matter of public discussion and thus would visit only a few hospitals where he was sure that the hospital would not publicize his report,” sources added.

An audio clipping of conversation between two persons is also making round in Udupi with one person telling the other that the Swamiji's health was bad due to alcohol consumption and that doctors had advised him not to consume alcohol. Meanwhile, some new issues related to the seer has also become public.  The seer reportedly submitted to the Daiva (Godly spirits) that he was cheated Rs 12 crore by one and Rs 14 crore by another person. He had asked the spirits to ensure that he gets the money.  Sri Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Matha and Esha Vittala Dasa Swamiji of Kemar Matha met Udupi Superintendent of Police and sought a proper inquiry into the case.

They gave all details they had about the seer.  The Kemar seer told reporters that he was hurt by the statement of Pejawar  seer. “It is not correct to discuss about ‘Brahmacharya’, after the death of Shiroor Swamiji. Pejawar Swamiji should have led us and sought a proper inquiry. He visits the house when Hindu outfit members die but has not come when Shirooru Swamiji died,” Kemar swamiji told reporters. Superintendent of Police Laxman Nimbargi said that FSL and post mortem report would take some time and also clarified that the police have not taken anybody into custody.


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