Controversy over Yogi remark won’t affect my chances: Dinesh Gundurao

What is the one major problem that you have solved in your constituency?
Water logging happened several times especially during the monsoon at many underpasses. We have worked on the technical issues and the problem has been solved. Despite the city receiving heavy rains in recent times, there is no water logging now.

Why do you feel people should vote for you this time?
I am in constant touch with people of all communities in the constituency and have been responding to their problems and demands regularly. Also, law and order is pretty well maintained.

Why was the construction of Okalipurum underpass delayed? Was it necessary to inaugurate the underpass though it was not complete?   
The BJP laid the foundation stone for this project but abandoned the work halfway; the land was not acquired and tenders were not called. Our government spent Rs 80 crore by acquiring land from the railways and others. The entire project will be ready in 2 years. It was necessary to inaugurate it because commuters were finding it difficult to cross over. Two passages were ready, so we inaugurated it, there is no question of we having rushed it.

You were Minister for Food and Civil Supplies and then became KPCC working president. Do you think these responsibilities have affected your focus on your constituency?
No not at all. Development work has been going on continuously in the constituency. Rs 90 crore is being sanctioned for TenderSure, the road infrastructure has been developed, 1,500 houses were built for the poor, many parks and playgrounds were developed including provision of basic facilities to the people in my constituency.

How do you plan to undo the damage  because of your remark on UP CM Yogi Adityanath?  Do you think this will affect you in the upcoming elections? (Rao had said Yogi should be greeted with slippers when he visits Karnataka)
It was an emotional outburst, I regret the remark but that doesn’t take away the facts. The law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh is so bad and the atrocities happening there prove the failure of Yogi Adityanath. What kind of law and order do they have there when they are not even ready to file an FIR against the accused in the rape case. The controversy over the remark won’t affect me because people know me well.


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