Construction activity to stop? Activists plan to move court

Bengaluru: Construction activities in the city may come to a halt as activists are planning to approach the court as the BBMP has not yet formulated a comprehensive plan for the management of construction and debris waste generated in the city. 

In the absence of any plan to manage construction waste, it is ending up in empty plots, storm water drains, lake bodies and roadsides on the outskirts of the city, said solid waste management activist Ram Prasad. 

He said, “If the BBMP will wake up only after court intervention like how it did in the flex ban and pothole filling, then we don’t mind knocking on the doors of courts and get BBMP working.”

It was almost two years ago that the Ministry of Environment and Forest notified the Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Management Rules. 

Mr Prasad recalled how construction was totally banned in states like Maharashtra as they failed to formulate a plan.

“Every single day, we see many new buildings coming up on empty plots and even the old ones are getting demolished making way for new ones. Waste has to be recycled, otherwise we will end up creating one landfill after another. Construction waste when recycled will also reduce the burden on environment. It is the duty of the BBMP to formulate a plan. But it is in deep slumber and wakes up only when the courts intervene," Mr Prasad said.

“If only the courts can wake up the civic body, then we don’t mind taking the matter to the court as environment is taking a severe blow due to the illegal dumping of construction waste," he said.

BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad was not available for comment.


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