Congress Yeshwantpur MLA S T Somashekar’s men on rampage

Bengaluru: In more embarrasment for the ruling Congress, henchmen of Yeshwantpur MLA, S T Somashekar, have now been accused of assaulting two labourers following a dispute over the building of a wall across a road in Thigalarapalya Saturday last. 

According to the police, Vasudev Puttaraju, a resident of Thigalarapalya, built a wall blocking a small road passing through his 40 acre site, stopping the people from using it. The angry locals protested and  lodged a police complaint against him. Then on February 18, when the two labourers, Prakash and Joganna were standing guard at the compound wall at around 8 pm, they were attacked by some men. While they managed to escape they were chased till their house and their pursuers threw stones at it once they were inside. The next day the two filed a complaint with the Byadarahalli police. One of the victims, Joganna, alleged that the men, who had attacked them were associates of MLA Somashekar.

But the Congress leader denied any involvement, saying it was a local fight between the residents and he had nothing to do with it. Going by the police, the dispute is 10 years old and has still not been solved. They are examining the CCTV footage of the area to identify the culprits.


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