Congress faces uphill task in four constituencies

Bengaluru: Congressmen in four constituencies- Nagathana, Sindhagi, Badami and Jagalur-are anxiously waiting for the party high command to finalise the candidates. 

In Sindhagi and Nagathana, the party is finding it difficult to finalise candidates because of a reported tussle between the group led by water resources minister M.B. Patil and a rival group. 

Mr Patil is pressurising the top brass to choose candidates of his choice as he is the one who would have to work for the victory of these candidates.

However, the rival group is strongly objecting to this, warning that if candidates are imposed on them, they will not work in the elections, sources said.

In Jagalur, the party had reportedly selected Rajesh, who was propped up by former minister Shamanur Shivashankarappa and his family. 

But local leaders have strongly opposed Mr Rajesh’s candidature leaving the party in a quandary.  

In Badami, the party initially selected Devaraj Patil  but with Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah himself throwing his hat in the ring, the process has been kept in abeyance. 

Party leaders intend to have a discussion with the chief minister, who would be reaching Bengaluru on Saturday, before finalising candidates for these seats. 


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