Chinnara Mela-2018 concludes with Makkala Santhe

Mysuru: The nearly month-long summer camp Chinnara Mela-2018 concluded yesterday at Rangayana premises with children participating in Makkala Santhe (shandy).

The children had turned to vegetable and fruit sellers with cries of “Ammo, anno, mavinhannu beka, mavinhannu beka? Tinni banni, tinni banni, taja mavinahannu…”  and on the other side “Soppu beka, soppu..banni taja soppu..” cries were heard,  while there were more cries from the kids which drew the attention of the people when they heard “Anna masala puri thinni…”

Thus on the last day of the camp after the five-day Chinnara Natakotsava, the children were taught the nuances of business and how to handle it by selling vegetables, fruits, greens and eatables.

The parents and the public who attended Makkala Santhe also enjoyed the banter of the children calling out to buy the items they were selling and responded by asking them, how much a bunch of greens costs, why has it dried up, can you give it for less, thus exposing them to the ways of business and bargaining techniques.

While a few children after selling the items were seen busy counting money, a few other cheeky ones were seen eating the items that they were trying to sell, thus enjoying themselves thoroughly at Makkala Santhe.

Fire fighting awareness: The fire brigade personnel from Saraswathipuram created awareness among children about fire accidents, how to prevent and fight them.

They displayed practically how they would put out a fire when a hut built with coconut frond catches fire. The children were also shown the precautions to take when the gas cylinder in the houses leak and the emergency measures to be taken in case of accidental fire at homes by using sand and water.

The personnel also warned the children not use water when something catches fire due to short circuit and instead use sand.

The children played in water as the fire station tanker sprayed them with water that came gushing out like rain through the pipes thus cooling themselves off in the summer heat. They also played with colours.

The parents and the public took photos and selfies as it was the last day of Chinnara Mela through their mobile phones and cameras to capture the memorable moments for posterity.

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