Chain snatchers, cops have tattoo design on you!

Bengaluru: If you are a voter , you are probably waiting to be inked come May 12. But if  you are a chainsnatcher, you could be inked anytime !

The city police, which is at its wits end in trying to curb chain snatching in the city, has come up with an idea that is entirely in sync with Bengaluru's hip and happening image. In future, if a chain snatcher is caught he may have a tattoo to prove it, courtesy the men in khaki.

While the design of the tattoo is still being worked out, it will certainly be no inking for love. Placed near the wrist, it will give away the habitual offender, helping the police keep track of the men, who creep up on unsuspecting women, snatch their chains and flee in the split of a second.       

"Chain snatching has become a menace and no matter how much we try to stop it, it continues in the city. So we are now considering inking every snatcher caught with a tattoo. He will be inked near his wrist, so that whenever he tries to snatch a chain, the tattoo, we hope, will show up in a CCTV footage , making it easier to catch him," explains a senior officer. The victim could see the tattoo on the hand of the snatcher too and inform the police. 

The only hitch is the criminal could prove craftier than the police and wear gloves or a long sleeved shirt to cover the tattoo while on his chain snatching spree. But the officer doesn't seem too worried about such a possibility. "If everything goes according to plan, this will be the first time such a method is introduced in the country to fight crime. We are still  discussing the pros and cons of the idea, the design of the tattoo and how feasible it will be," he said. 


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