CESC or MCC should direct Forest Department not to plant saplings beneath power lines

Why plant them now and kill them later by cutting branches to clear power lines?

 Mysuru:  For a sustainable living, ‘Go Green’ has become the mantra. The Forest Department, which undertook a tree-planting drive, has planted many saplings at vacant spots and on roadsides.

But what is so objectionable about this is that the saplings are being planted indiscriminately and right under the overhead power lines which clearly shows lack of common sense among the officials concerned.

Once the saplings grow into trees, the branches will definitely touch the power lines above resulting in disruption of power and may lead to short circuit causing damage to electrical and electronic gadgets. Then arrive the CESC gangmen to cut branches of  protruding trees.

In city many trees are touching the overhead electricity wires. The CESC staff keep cutting or trimming the branches every now and then. As a result some trees die. In spite of this, the officials continue to  plant saplings under the power lines.

The top officials should have a sense of responsibility in discharging their duties by guiding their staff to plant the saplings at the right places. They should be clearly told that saplings must not be planted under power lines or where overhead cables are running or in places where they cannot grow or be protected.

All they require is a little common sense to see where to or where not to plant the saplings.

“Officials remain here for three years and go away after being transferred, but we the residents must suffer the mistakes committed by them,” said a resident of K.C. Nagar.

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