Bridge over Cauvery: A glass of water brings Kannadigas, Tamilians together

BENGALURU: A campaign started by Tamil actor Simbu, asking people of Karnataka to give a glass of water to Tamilians living in the state, has received an overwhelming response. People from different parts of the city and state have posted videos on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #UniteForHumanity of them giving a glass of water to their Tamil friends.

Bengaluru’s tree doctor Vijay Nishanth, who came live on Facebook, recalled the great Kannada poet and Jnanpith award winner Kuvempu's popular poem, "Yenadaragu, modalu manavanagu" (Become whatever you wish to, but be a human first).

He said, “We have been taught this right from our school days. Fight for Cauvery has taken various forms and shapes. When politicians are using the issue to fuel and fulfill their selfish motives, Tamil actor Simbu has requested people to find a solution to this issue by keeping aside language, region, caste and creed considerations.”

He said, “Though there is a lot of diversity, we are all united as Indians and living in solidarity with each other for years. The catchment area of the Cauvery river is shrinking because of the onslaught of wood mafia operating in Kodagu. We have to look at issues that are affecting the future of Cauvery and find an amicable solution. The green cover should be improved.”

Along with a glass of Cauvery water, Mr Nishanth gave a glass of buttermilk to fruit vendors and other Tamils in Jayanagar. Writer and film producer Rekha Rani posted a video of her offering a glass of water to actor Simbu. “Water is a crucial element and comes along with us throughout our lives. Let us get water equally,” she said. She also prayed to river Cauvery to give enough water to all.

Sughosharam posted a picture of himself holding a glass of water and tweeted, "One glass of water to my family in Tamil Nadu. Thanks, STR for starting this. Loads of love from Karnataka and Kannadigas. Hope there is enough rainfall this year and water gets distributed satisfactorily.”


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