‘Boss’ing around over ‘Titles’

No doubt that it is fans who have the power to turn an actor into a star overnight. Die-hard fan following has always been the most talked about feature in an actor’s career as they remain his loyal supporters all through his career. There have been umpteen number of examples wherein fans have gone an extra mile to show their love and unconditional love for their favourite actors. Such support also comes with unique celebrations during their movie releases, birthdays and much more. Special titles given to the star actors is another priced possession for actors which is most predominant in the South Indian industry. 

Almost every star actor down South is bestowed with a special title. Rajinikanth is given the title ‘Super Star’. But the maximum number of respectful titles is given to  Kannada thespian Dr. Rajkumar. Apart from titles, the fans also refer to their favourite stars with certain words attributing their popularity and success at the box office. That’s why Challenging Star Darshan is called  ‘Boss’ by his fans. However, the fight amongst fans of various actors over this title has been going on for a while.

Recently, during the birthday celebration of Action Prince Dhruva Sarja, his fans referred to him as the ‘Boss’, which was embossed on his birthday cake, paving way for confusion. Later, the actor clarified and brought the situation under control. This is not the first time. On several occasions, the title war has been blown out of proportion. 

“I am a big fan of Darshan sir, and for me, the ‘Boss’ in my life will always be my deity, Sri Anjaneya Swamy’. As far as who the  ‘Boss’ in Sandalwood is, it is Darshan for me, so please do not compare me with Darshan” said the Action Prince Dhruva Sarja after he was questioned over the act of his fans.
Recently, Jayram Karthik aka JK, who was addressed to as ‘Super Star’ in a movie, was quick to clarify. The ‘Super Star’ title has already been given to Upendra by his ardent fans.

“It was not to hurt the feelings of any fans. I am known for playing the role of a Super Star in the hit serial Ashwini Nakshatra, wherein I am referred to as Super Star JK. It was unintentional and not to hurt the sentiments of Upendra fans,” Karthik said clarifying on the title.

Even Duniya Vijay was addressed to as Super Star in one of his movies, for which Upendra fans had raised objections. “It is a sensitive issue relating to fans and the actors. No actor comes out in public expressing displeasure about these instances. It is always about the unconditional support they get from their fans,” says director Naveen, adding that it is the fans who are actually the Boss, and rightly Namma Annavaru referred to them as Abhimani Devarugalu.


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