Bombaat trio get together!

When three talents who are part of the new, refreshing wave in Kannada cinema, come together for a film, it’s unquestionably a project to watch out for. Operation Alamelamma actor Rishi, our very own Humble Politician Danish Sait and Ondu Motteya Kathe’s Raj B Shetty are collaborating on a comedy drama called Ramana Avatara. Directed by Naati Factory’s Vikas and Vinay Pampapathi, the movie stars Rishi as Rama. “I’m excited to be working with this cast as I admire both Danish and Raj for the work they’ve done — they’re both amazing talents. This film is going to be a comedy drama. It’s currently in the pre-production stage and we’ll start shooting for it in a couple of days,” reveals Rishi, who has Kavalu Daari up for release soon. 

 “I met the founders of Naati Factory during the promotions of Operation Alamelamma and we did a spoof interview that people ended up enjoying. Later, they contacted me saying they’ve got a script and when they narrated it, I found it really hilarious and with full faith in them, I said yes,” adds the actor.

As for Danish, he plays the character of Sunny Prasad in the flick. “I met Vikas and Vinay at a coffee shop in the city and they got talking about their new, ambitious project. It’s nice to see them come together with Rishi and Raj who I think are on top of their game in terms of the work they’re doing. I’m happy to collaborate with the duo, they’re both fantastic people and when you work with good people, you end up enjoying the process a lot more. I look forward to having some fun. We’ll also be shooting in different places, so I’ll be doing my first outdoor shoot. In a nutshell, I’m kicked about the film,” he says.

The third musketeer in this movie that promises to be quirky and intriguing, is Raj B Shetty. Raj plays a character called Alexander in Ramana Avatara. “For me, this is a very entertaining new-age film with a fresh narration. Directors Vinay and Vikas have been running Naati Factory for a long time on YouTube and know the pulse of the young audience. Alexander is a negative character in the film and it is a role that gives me a lot of happiness. I’m excited as I’ve always had a leaning towards playing a negative character. I’m looking forward to working with Rishi, who’s a great actor and Danish, who’s a great comedian,” says Raj.


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