BMTC ticket checkers to get body cams to avoid tiffs

Bengaluru: Ticket checkers at BMTC will be equipped with body cameras to avoid clashes between them and conductors and passengers. A senior BMTC official said, "We were receiving numerous complaints about fights between ticket checkers and conductors and passengers. 

Ticket checkers choose buses randomly and check passengers if they are travelling with or without tickets. At times, conductors take the money, but don't hand over the tickets. While such checks are being carried out, there are chances of tiffs and to avoid such incidents, we will give them body cameras which can record the event and help us punish the guilty."  

He said, "This will also help us keep monitoring them while they are on duty. If they are found flouting rules, they will be penalised accordingly. The public trying to harass or misbehave with the staff can also be booked as per law. 

This will bring in a sense of responsibility among conductors to perform duty with honesty." Another officer said that they have called for tenders for body cameras, which will be handed over to ticket checkers soon. A training session will also be held on how to use the cameras. 


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