Birthdays of benevolence

Even as the digital era, smartphones and social media has triggered celebrations, the good old days of celebrating birthdays of one’s favourite star was always an extravagant occasion. Birthdays and new movie releases are no less than festive celebrations for fans, and this tradition has continued through generations. However, current stars are appealing to die-hard fans to keep it simple and not waste, unnecessarily. Many urge fans to use their money on more meaningful causes — this has been the cherry on top of starry birthday affairs today. Bengaluru Chronicle reports on these constant appeals by stars to their fans to keep their birthday or any other celebration simple, and make it more meaningful.

For all Challenging Star fans, who had wished star actor Darshan on his birthday a few days ago, there was a surprise in store! This time there were barricades all around not just for fans to line up in queues, but also to safeguard the properties of neighbourhood households. Moreover, there were several close circuit cameras installed to keep an eye on miscreants following the previous year’s rush which reportedly damaged properties of a few of the neighbours’ homes.

Just days before his birthday, Darshan had appealed and requested his fans to behave in an appropriate manner. “All of you come from far away places celebrating my birthday, making it very special but I kindly request you all not to cause any damage to the neighbouring properties and cooperate with the police,” Darshan had said.

Another super star of Sandalwood Kiccha Sudeep had gone a step ahead the previous year by deciding to put a break on celebrating his birthday.
He took to social media, saying, “All these years, I have felt blessed and loved when each one would turn up for my birthday,  celebrating it as if it was their own. Thank you all for this unconditional love that you have showered (on me) for more than two decades. I have nothing to offer you all apart from my love, which I will do till my last breath.”

He went on to request his fans to not spend money on cakes and flowers but to use the same for the the real needy, which he said would be their best way of celebrating his birthday. Even Real Star Upendra, who has recently launched a political party has taken a stand saying, “All of you (fans) can come and meet me but kindly do not waste money on buying cakes, flowers and (splurging) on cut-outs.” There are other big stars that have also joined in — Shivanna and Puneeth Rajkumar often take part in social activities on their birthdays. Even fans seems to have acknowledged these appeals by the stars and use social media to wish their stars. The trend on such platforms shows a meaningful change, which is only for the better.


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