Biopic on Najmal Babu releases on YouTube

The Man Who Tried To Beautify The World, the 50-minute biopic directed by actor-writer V.K. Sreeraman on the life of Najmal Babu a.k.a. T.N. Joy has been released through the YouTube. “The film is a journey with Joy, sharing his views on life, love and politics,” says C.S. Venkateswaran, noted film critic. “The release of the film in a platform like Youtube with far reaching  global audience marks another episode in the journey of Joy”, he added.  

Joy, now known as Najmal Babu, is a political thinker, activist, writer and also beauty consultant who lives in Kodungallur in Kerala. He was active in the Naxalite movement from the 1960s and was part of its early activities and ideological debates. He was imprisoned during Emergency and had to undergo severe physical torture in police custody.

V.K. SreeramanV.K. Sreeraman

He has published several books and has been a catalyst to political discourses, cultural debates and social activism ranging from Kiss of Love to Campaign for Pension for Emergency prisoners.

Eminent writers like K. Satchidanandan, K.G. Sankara Pillai and Paul Zachariah appear in the film to unravel Joy's enigmatic personality .


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