Big bucks come from rebels, difficult to quantify the amount: Official

BENGALURU: Winnability factor, nepotism, caste and cash are the major factors that will rule the forthcoming Assembly elections.

According to sources, tickets will reportedly be given to the highest ‘bidder’ in constituencies, where the political parties are not sure of winning.

“The big bucks will come from the rebels. It is difficult to quantify the amount. Money running into crores of rupees has already reportedly been digitally transferred at least five to six months before the poll date was announced by political parties and their aspiring candidates to their key distributors,” said a source. 

They have been told to recruit agents at the micro level – predominantly the slums, where they will give cash a day before or on the day of elections, he added.

“Besides all political parties have already reportedly distributed largesse – from saris to pressure cookers and water filters – to voters in the last two months as a token assurance. Cash will be given as an added bonus to some of them,” the source said. 

Possession of cash up to Rs 50,000 is not a crime and many people will be pushed into one ferrying of cash to the end point by politicians, he added. 

Pressure cookers and water filters are daily use items and will be a constant reminder of the benefactor to the beneficiary, said an officer.


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