Bescom’s FTNC, a hit with consumers

Bengaluru: Two months after Bescom launched the Fast Track Network Connection (FTNC), which helps consumers apply for new connections online, has become a hit. 

People can apply for new connections, name transfers and tariff changes through FTNC and avoid visiting Bescom offices. A senior officer said that FTNC started receiving a positive response from consumers from the day it was launched. "Just for transfer of names, we have received around 10,000 applications, of which, we have already processed 8,000. Similarly, over 3,000 applications have been received for new connections and tariff change," he said.

Earlier, consumers had to wait for over a month to get connections transferred to their names and had to pay money to middlemen. "After FTNC was launched, the work has picked up pace. For example, if the connection was in the name of a house owner and if he has sold the house, the connection would continue to be in the previous owner's name. The current owner had to wait for a long time to get the connection changed to his or her name and the process was being delayed unnecessarily by few officials to make money," the officer said.

Till now, transfer of names was the most pending work in the department, with FTNC, it is being cleared, said another officer. "We are creating more awareness about FTNC, as we want complete transparency and no delays. People have also gradually started applying for new connections through FTNC. In another couple of years, we expect it to become the primary software for availing power. For now, majority of the applications are being received from consumers in the central part of the city," he said.


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