Bescom launches charging station for electric vehicles

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) opened its first electric vehicle charging station on Saturday. The charge will cost Rs 4 per unit but the tariff could be reduced further.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion, Bescom managing director Rajendra Cholan said the tariff would remain in force until the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) fixed the regular rates. The utility agency has sought to charge Rs 3.85 per unit at night and Rs 4.85 during the daytime (6 am to 10 pm). Electric buses will be charged Rs 5.5 per unit during the daytime and Rs 4.40 at night.

“We hope the KERC reduces the rate further. In Delhi, Rs 5 is charged per unit. The tariff has been subsidised following discussions with all the stakeholders, including cab aggregators who are keen on launching electric taxis,” Cholan said.

This apart, Bescom has also sought the KERCs permission for net metering for individuals who need to charge electric vehicles at home. Charging at home will require a separate meter of 440 volts. Bescom is also working on making charging stations solar-empanelled for better service and lower cost, Cholan added.

On the occasion, Bescom also launched five electric vehicles for the exclusive use of its staff. It has partnered with the Baghirathi Group to use electric vehicles.

According to Cholan, Bescom decided to opt for electric vehicles since it already outsources vehicles for the use of its staff. “We have signed up for 1,500 electric vehicles, out of which 750 will be service vehicles. Charging stations are being set up at all Bescom executive engineer offices,” he said.

Bescom is also in talks with the BBMP and the BMRCL to set up electric vehicle charging stations at 200 places in Bengaluru. It is also planning charging stations in the parking lots of the Vidhana Soudha and the Vikasa Soudha, Cholan added.

About charging stations

* Cost of setting up a charging station: Rs 3-4 lakh

* Charging stations must not be opened in flood-prone, low-lying areas or in open fields where sunrays are too strong. “In Hyderabad the suns heat is a problem while flooding is an issue in Bengaluru. There are electric stations at 60 locations in Bengaluru, including tech parks, malls and commercial spaces. All it requires is a good three-phase supply of electricity,” said V Ravikumar, Director, RRT Electro Powwer (P) Limited, which has installed the DC and AC charging station at the Bescom head office.


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