Bengaluru: Women parks car in no-parking zone, towed away with vehicle

Bengaluru: High drama prevailed in South Bengaluru’s Whitefield area on Wednesday evening when a woman driver in a bid to avoid her car being towed, parked in a no parking zone allegedly sat inside the car and was subsequently towed away. 

The incident took place on Wednesday evening around 5.30 p.m in Belathur towards Seegehalli on Whitefield Main Road. 

According to the traffic police official, the woman driver had incorrectly parked the car in a no parking zone. The towing vehicle, which was on its rounds found the car parked in a no parking zone and started to tow it. Meanwhile, the woman who learnt about her car being towed ran towards her car and allegedly sat inside it. 

The towing van however didn’t stop and asked the woman to pay a fine. Soon, the matter was reported to the Inspector Whitefield traffic police who then checked the cctv footage and found that the lady was at the fault. The woman paid for the violation and later her car was released. 

Confirming the incident, a senior police official told this newspaper that the team checked the cctv footage and it as found that the woman driver knowing that her car was parked in a no-parking zone and was being towed, rushed to the car and sat inside it after while it was being towed. The towing van immediately stopped the vehicle and the woman paid the fine before leaving. 

When asked about the high handedness in part of the towing team, the officer said that the car was found at the no parking zone. It was empty and there was no sign of the driver when it was being towed. However, as soon as the towing vehicle began to move, the woman comes running and sat inside the car in a bid to avoid it being towed. Therefore, there has been no sign of high handedness. The traffic cop on duty immediately released the car. 

Sources told DC that the violators in order to stop the car being towed misbehaves with the traffic police. They involve in assault, abuses and a few even stand in front and try to obstruct the officials and if, they are asked to move, they say that they have been manhandled.   


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