Bengaluru: What Independence Day means to youth

Bengaluru: India is in an advantageous position as far as demographic dividend is concerned, with about 600 million people, more than half country’s population, less than 25 years old.

But what does Independence Day mean to this section of the society? Does it go beyond changing WhatsApp display picture to the Indian Tricolour?

Independence Day is celebrated to evoke a sense of pride and patriotism among the citizens. However, those from the younger generation are not even aware of basic things such as the number of years since India got independence or the trials and tribulations their forefathers underwent to free the country from the British yoke.

 For many of them people think that August 15 is more about an additional day off from work and educational institutions.

"In recent years, it has become a trend to change their WhatsApp display picture to Indian flag. But mere changing the display picture is not true patriotism. Most youngsters do not even stand up for the National Anthem,” said  Gautham C., a young social worker. 

However, there are a few youngsters in the city who want to take steps against corruption and make the country a better place for education.

Yathaarth Murthy, a student from Vidyashilp Academy, who has created a record by singing 200 plus national anthems of different countries, told Deccan Chronicle, “On Independence Day the first thing that comes to my mind is the struggle our freedom fighters had undergone to free India. When I heard India’s national anthem for the first time, I was impressed and tried to find its meaning. This also inspired me to memorize 215 anthems of different countries.”

There are youths who celebrated the August 15 in different way. Amrutha R, a young girl from Bengaluru, learnt Indian national anthem in sign language. “Me and my friends thought to celebrate August 15th in different way and learned the anthem in sign language to make it more inclusive. So on Wednesday we presented it in front of disabled people.”


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