Bengaluru: TV reporter accused of duping serial producer

Bengaluru: A city-based Kannada serial producer has lodged a police complaint accusing a TV reporter of cheating him of Rs 33.58 lakh, under the pretext of getting him a slot in a well-known Kannada TV channel to air his serial.

The accused, Chandan Yadav, 45, is a reporter in a well known Kannada news channel and a resident of J.P. Nagar.

The complainant,  a resident of Vivekananda Nagar and a producer has been in the theatre industry from past 18 years. He was producing the Kannada serial “At the hange sose hinge”, which was supposed to be aired in December 2017.

In his complaint, he alleged that the Chandan approached him and promised to get a slot in a well known Kannada channel to air his serial. The reporter claimed he had wided contacts at that channel.

The two often met to discuss about the proceedings and every time they met Chandan, he allegedly demanded huge amounts of cash to get the work done. From 2016 to 2017, Chandan has allegedly taken Rs 33.08 lakh in cash and an iPhone, worth Rs 50,000, from Naveen.

The TV producers said that every time they met, Chandan would drop names of all those who worked at that channel, which he found reassuring. Initially Chandan had promised him to air his show in December 2017, but he kept pushing it further.

On the other hand, Naveen had almost finished shooting and was only waiting for the dates to be finalised. Chandan had allegedly given him fake papers and the MoU with the channel.

He later realised that he was being cheated when the channel sent him a notice and asked him to stop the shoot as the company had never approved to air the show.

Naveen, who was the producer had invested lakhs of rupees on the serial, had to stop the shoot. Later Chandan stopped taking his calls and failed to return the money which he had taken. Naveen then filed a complaint with J.P. Nagar police, who are investigating. 


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