Bengaluru traffic cops too get electronic tablets

Bengaluru: Electronic tablets, known as Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), which are fed with live information of crime incidents or emergency situations, that were available only to patrolling vehicles attached to the law and order police, have now been made available to city traffic police too. The traffic police personnel are using MDTs to regulate traffic and to attend to road accidents.

The city traffic police personnel across the city have received 400 tablets to help them attend to emergency situations, like traffic congestions or road traffic accidents, said a senior police officer. “As we have been witnessing an increase in the density of vehicles and traffic congestions, we wanted to ensure that the traffic police personnel responded to situations without delay and introduced MDTs. With this, the control room, after receiving complaints about traffic jams or accidents, will alert nearby Cobras (traffic patrolling bikes) along with the location and they will attend to the situation,” the officer said. Another officer said that MDTs are fitted with GPS. “Earlier, traffic control rooms received complaints, which were passed on to jurisdictional police stations, and then they would inform their traffic police personnel. In the process, time was wasted and it led to delays in attending to complaints,” said the officer.

He said that with MDTs, traffic police personnel are finding it easy to attend to complaints, as they get the exact location.

Asked about the nature of complaints they receive, a police officer who is using an MDT said, “Most of the complaints are about traffic congestions and traffic rule violations. As soon as we get the notification on our tab, we rush to the spot and take stock of the situation. After attending to the issue, we close it on the tab and the control room receives the closure notifications and they in turn inform the complainant. These MDTs are needed, as we get live notifications of traffic congestions and this helps us clear traffic jams.”


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