Bengaluru: Social media uproar over alleged medical negligence

Bengaluru: Angry people took to Facebook over an instance of alleged medical negligence where two-year-old Niranjay has been impaired for life after an injection administered on him in November 2016.

Demanding justice for Niranjan, who was seven months old when the injection was given to him, members of the Native Empowering and Equipping Team for Hope and Interaction (NEETHI) were seen sharing stories and posts demanding justice for the two-year-old who despite medication and other treatment cannot walk or talk for life. Requesting political leaders and media to assist and get the family justice, people were seen commenting and sharing the news.

“It is extremely sad and this outrage among parents is justified,” posted Manju Madihalli. “Our fight is against the hospital," posted Jayanth from NEETHI, who said that their team protested in front of the hospital on Tuesday. “Only a strong political party and a good leader can put an end to the parents’ misery and get them justice,” posted another user.

The hospital, however, had a different version. “The child was initially seen and treated at Raghavendra People Tree Hospital in Dasarhalli. However, as there was severe wheezing and low-oxygen levels, the baby was referred to People Tree Hospitals Goraguntepalya for ICU treatment. The child required critical treatment, including non-invasive ventilation and other supportive therapy. After improvement, the non-invasive ventilation was weaned and stopped and the child was shifted to the ward. However, for the second time the child deteriorated and was shifted back to ICU, requiring further escalation of therapy. Thereafter, the child was gradually improving. However for the third time child suddenly deteriorated requiring resuscitation. The child was successfully resuscitated and put on the ventilator. The team worked hard to revive the child and wean off the ventilator. He required prolonged ICU stay. Gradually, the child was weaned off the life support, showed slow improvement and was finally discharged. All the medications given are in accordance with the standard treatment guidelines by a trained team of doctors," said Dr Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa, CEO & Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon, People Tree Hospitals.

He said that the team of doctors and nurses who were treating the child are currently not working at People Tree Hospitals.


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