Bengaluru: Smart app to help police regulate traffic better

Bengaluru: The city traffic police can now track live traffic conditions on their mobile phone through an application, Traffic Analyser App, which helps them clear congestion and know beforehand which roads will have more vehicular movement leading to traffic jams.

Senior traffic police officers attended a training programme on the app at the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) on Thursday. One of the senior police officers who underwent training said the app is going to help traffic police personnel as it gives them live feed of traffic updates. It is a higher version of the usual Google Maps and is specially designed for the city traffic department.

He said, "We can check the previous day's or month's traffic condition of a particular road and take necessary steps to improve or plan better movement for motorists on that particular stretch. We can also study why a particular road has congestion at a particular time. It helps in predicting which road will be congested in the coming hours by reading the flow of vehicles." 

He said, "It will definitely help us know about traffic jams and be better prepared. It will, in turn, ensure that the motorists are not held up in traffic snarls, as we can direct them to use alternate roads."

Another officer, who also attended the training, said that the city is witnessing heavy traffic throughout the day because of increase in vehicles on the road and the department needs an app which gives them live feeds to regulate traffic. "For now, the app is given to senior police officers on trial for one month. After that, we will give our feedbacks and suggestions and the app will be further improved. Later, it will be made accessible to all traffic inspectors across the city and this will help in controlling the traffic movement," he said. 


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