Bengaluru: Sand trucks cause pollution, says Commuters

Bengaluru: While the construction industry is a major source of air pollution, the trucks carrying M- sand in the city are no better as  most don’t bother to cover their load with  tarpaulin sheets as required.  Drivers on  city roads complain that besides causing air pollution, the trucks are also known to cause serious accidents. “The  trucks ferrying sand are dangerous because they are uncovered and spill sand on the roads, causing vehicles, especially two-wheelers, to skid. Many car drivers have seen their  windshields crack after a rock or other small debris has fallen on them from the sand trucks. But our RTO officials don’t bother because they only care about generating revenue,” complains Mr Kaushik S, a software employee.

"I request these officials to travel from Nayandahalli junction towards Banashankari, where several trucks carrying sand are stationed. Not one  truck is covered.  In other states, sand trucks without a cover are fined and their permits are suspended. This should be implemented in Bengaluru too,” says Mr Santosh, another commuter.      

But ask the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and its officers say it is planning a  drive against sand trucks travelling uncovered and is already doing random checks and imposing on-the-spot fines on them. “I suggest that people, who have a problem with these trucks, record their license plates and file a complaint with us,” said one official.


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