Bengaluru riddled with accident spots

Bengaluru: Old Madras Road, Tumakuru Road and Ballari Road are the top three accident black spots identified by the city traffic police. Based on the number of accidents, both fatal and non-fatal, occurring every year, the city police have totally identified ten accident black spots in the city and plans remedial measures.

A senior police officer in the traffic department, however, said that a few of the accident black spots zones such as Old Madras Road, Tumakuru Road and Ballari Road are part of national highways. 

“We have written several times to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to take measures to prevent accidents, but they are yet to implement them. We have also informed the BBMP and told them to hold meetings with NHAI to draw a suitable plan. We are yet to hear from both the authorities,” added the officer.

The officer pointed out that these national highways, which falls in the city limits, do not have enough space to park speed interceptor vehicles. 

“If we park them, there would be traffic congestion. The NHAI should install cameras detecting over speeding and take up speed restriction measures. It should be also carry out a study and construct skywalks for pedestrians. Unless there is strict monitoring and penalizing of speeding vehicles and jay walkers, the number of accidents will not come down,” he added.

The officer further added that there should traffic signals at cross roads junctions on these stretches. 

“Most of the time accidents happen while vehicles coming from a cross road get into a main road. A strict enforcement of rules should be done during the night time, where majority of the accidents takes place,” he said.

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