Bengaluru: Police shoot murder accused in the leg

Bengaluru: A notorious rowdy and murder accused was shot in the leg by the Kengeri Gate police after a brief chase when he tried to escape from a police jeep early on Tuesday morning. The police had arrested him earlier, taken him out as part of the investigation and were driving him back to the police station when he tried to run away.

The police were taking the rowdy, Arun, through Vishweshwara Layout in Kengeri around 6.15 am when he opened the jeep door and ran away. Sub-Inspector Mallikarjun, who was part of the escort, chased Arun for a distance and shot him in the leg to stop him.

Arun had been arrested for the murder of his friend-turned-rival Pratap at Jnanabharathi. The police said Arun and Pratap were financiers who gave hand loans at a high interest rate. The two developed differences over their business and parted ways. On August 15, Arun invited Pratap for his son’s birthday party. When Pratap arrived, Arun’s associates picked up a quarrel with him, took him outside the house and hacked him to death.

On Tuesday, Mr Mallikarjun, Head Constable Ravi and Constable Prakash had taken Arun to locate the house of another accused in the murder, Kencha, near Ullal. While returning, the jeep slowed down near Vishweshwara Layout, and taking advantage, Arun pushed the two constables and jumped out of the jeep after opening the backdoor.

Constable Prakash ran after Arun, but the rowdy picked up a stone from the roadside and hit Prakash in the head. By then, Mr Mallikarjun had reached the spot. He fired in the air, warning Arun to put down the stone and surrender. But Arun approached the policemen threateningly when the SI fired a single shot at Arun’s left leg. Prakash and Arun were taken in the same jeep to Victoria Hospital.

Three special teams had been formed to crack Pratap’s murder case. During the investigation, the police learnt that Arun, his brother Kiran and two friends Mahesh and Dileep were involved in the murder. The police received a tipoff that all the accused were staying at Classic Comforts Lodge in Jaraganahalli on Kanakapura Road, raided the lodge and arrested all the four, including Arun. During the interrogation, Arun revealed that another accused Kencha too was involved in the murder. The police had taken him to locate Kencha’s house in Ullal when the incident unfolded.


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