Bengaluru: Murmurs of discontent in BJP bastion

Bengaluru: One of the largest constituencies with more than 5.8 lakh electorates, Bengaluru South has been a stronghold of the BJP since 2008, but it seems the voters here are disgruntled with the way civic issues have been kept on a backburner for the past few years.

Though M. Krishnappa, the incumbent MLA, claims he has a great connect with the voters, Deccan Chronicle during its interaction with many residents across Konanakunte and Yelachenahalli found they had hardly had a conversation with the representative. 

“There are black spots in Uttarahalli and at the junction of Konanakunte cross, where during evenings one can see an army of vendors. The garbage disposal system in parts of the constituency is shambles,” said G. Vaidya, a techie. 

The Konanakunte junction witnesses hundreds of vehicles passing by since the area connects to Kanakapura, a hub of engineering colleges. 

A sea of vehicles from Banashankari passing through Yelchenahalli to Konanakunte results in traffic congestion and the commuters have a harrowing experience daily.

With the growing number of colleges and the development of adjoining areas of the constituency, there is a huge demand for more public transport.

“The students use BMTC buses and they literally stand at the footboards in jam-packed buses. With increasing urbanisation of the constituency, more buses should have been deployed, but nothing has been done. The connectivity is very poor,” said  Deepa Hariharan, a resident.

The constituency being part of gram panchayats has localities that do not have the proper drinking water and sanitation facilities. Though the MLA claims that a lot has been done towards improving sanitation and a major chunk of the fund has been spent towards the development of lakes and roads, the residents are not convinced.

One of the residents of Uttarahalli, Manohar pointed out the fallacies of the BJP ruled constituency since 2008. 

“There are villages under this constituency that does not have Cauvery water supply and apart from typical assurances of the government; the progress made on the front is moving at snail’s pace.”

“The rejuvenation of one of the lakes was carried out by the CSR initiative. But as for the issue of sewage entering the storm water drains, which results in lake pollution, no progress has been made,” he added.

With the increasing residential outlets to shopping establishments, the constituency has also been an eyewitness of rising cases of theft and rowdyism.

Mrs Hariharan, a local resident, said, “Several areas like Konanakunte and Vasanthpura are not well lit. This has been the case for many years. Moreover, during rains, the junction from Yelchenahalli towards Kanakpura turns into a cesspool due to the bad drainage system.”

The area, dominated by Vokkaliga voters, is considered to be one of the major reasons behind the victory of the incumbent MLA.

However, it remains to be seen if he can repeat the feat. 


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