Bengaluru: Mobile ABC units to curb stray dog menace?

Bengaluru: With the stray dog attacks becoming rampant in the city and the BBMP’s ABC programme failing to curb the menace, animal activists opine that well-equipped mobile surgery units could be an answer.

Cities like Thiruvanathapuram in Kerala has launched this initiative on a pilot basis, which has proved successful and they are planning to have it on a larger scale.

The mobile unit will be fully air-conditioned with an operation theatre and table, surgical instruments and autoclave. Apart from this it will have a fridge and a water tank.

Suparna Ganguly of Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) told Deccan Chronicle, "As per the Animal Birth Control laws mobile units can be set up to carry out ABC programs across the city."

But the mobile units should be fully equipped and have all the necessary aids to assist ABC, she added.

One of major failures of the existing ABC programme is that the animals caught from point A is being released in point B, thereby provoking the animal be aggressive on the people nearby.

Suparna said that animals picked should be released in the same location, no matter whether the ABC is done by mobile units or at ABC centres.
Mobile units will be a success if there is provision for the safe housing of the animals after ABC for post operative care and observation and a stay on site for the doctors and attenders.

BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad was not available for comment.


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