Bengaluru: Man poses as supari killer, extorts businessman of Rs 5.6 lakh

Bengaluru: A 53-year-old businessman was accosted and robbed of valuables worth Rs 5.6 lakh by an unidentified bike-borne man, posing as a contract killer. He demanded money to spare the businessman's child, whom he was given contract to kill.

The businessman, Shridhar S. Hegde, of Chikkalasandra, was driving home when the miscreant intercepted him around 7.30 pm on Richmond Road flyover. it took place on May 16, but came to light on Tuesday.

When he stopped, the unidentified man said the car had run over his leg. He also said he was a contract killer with a supari to kill Hegde’s son. The miscreant offered to spare the child, for a price. He took Rs 3,500 from the man’s wallet, forced him to drive to an ATM, and drew Rs 80,000.

He took Hegde to Pooja Jewellers, Church Street and bought jewellery worth Rs 4.7 lakh. He also took a ring and gold chain. He told Hegde to reclaim the valuables the next day with Rs 5 lakh cash. Mr Hegde filed a complaint at the Ashok Nagar police station on Friday.


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