Bengaluru: Man held for blackmailing women job aspirants

BENGALURU: A 36-year-old man was arrested by the Cyber Crime Police for blackmailing women after recording their videos under the pretext of an interview for an airline. He threatened to upload it on social media platforms.

The accused has been identified as Deepuraj alias Dr Harikrishnan alias Dr Rajesh Panikar alias Rakesh Sharma alias Rakesh Nair, a resident of Thoppinagar in Thiruvananthapuram and works as a hotel manager there.

The police said that he had previously cheated and blackmailed many women in other states too.

The police have arrested him and have seized his mobile phones and other electronic gadgets used to commit the crime.

Modus operandi

The accused use to advertise vacancies in online job portals and use to gather all the information about girls interested in working airlines.

He used to call them posing as a representative of Emirites Airlines and would offer the post of Client Relationship Manager. He use to collect their WhatsApp 
number and used it to video call them under the pretext of interview.

After the first round of interview, he would ask them to show their body parts under the pretext of medical and health check up to check for scars. He use to record the videos and used to blackmail them.

He would threaten to upload the videos on social media platforms if they refuse to obey.


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