Bengaluru: Mallya hospital typist drugs, robs colleagues, held

Bengaluru: On the face of it she was your every day typist, but when no one was watching she turned a thief, who allegedly served buttermilk laced with sleeping pills to her colleagues and stole their gold jewellery.

Arrested by the Cubbon Park police,  Bhavya (34), of Sunkadakatte,  who worked as a typist at the Mallya Hospital in the city, was allegedly caught  with 97 grams of gold jewellery reported stolen in two cases .

Going by the police,  Bhavya first served buttermilk laced with sleeping pills to her colleague, Mangalamma last year and stole her gold jewellery. Thinking she had got away with it, she decided to use the same modus operandi to steal once again. This time she allegedly targeted another colleague, Shivamma.

It was on January 20, when Shivamma was working at the hospital, that Bhavya approached her with the  buttermilk. On drinking it the woman began to feel uneasy and Bhavya then  pretended to play the good Samaritan and took her to the restroom, where she allegedly removed all her gold jewellery, before  hiring an auto rickshaw and sending her home.

The next day when Shivamma realised  her jewellery was missing she called  Bhavya to check if she had seen it.  When the typist denied taking it and told her  she may have lost it on the way home, Shivamma lodged a complaint with  the Cubbon Park police.

The police, who intensified its investigation into the second case of theft at the hospital, examined its CCTV camera footage and began to suspect Bhavya’s involvement. During the interrogation, she allegedly confessed to stealing jewellery both from Shivamma and Mangalamma.

Going by the police, she targeted the first woman on December 2, 2017 using the same buttermilk trick and stole her gold jewellery worth 25 gms from her locker in the hospital. The police claim to have now recovered a necklace, two bangles and a mangalsutra worth Rs 2.91 lakh from the typist.


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