Bengaluru: Macaque family gets new addition at Bannerghatta Park

Bengaluru: A new pig tailed macaque was welcomed by the Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) on Tuesday morning. The mother macaque, named ‘Maman’, aged about 10 years, paired with the male, ‘Jalhaz’, aged about 6 years, gave birth to the baby macaque.

With the addition of this baby, the total number of pig tailed macaques in the zoo has risen to seven. Two female and one male pig tailed macaque were received from Sephijala Zoological Park from Tripura on August 4, 2015 under an animal exchange programme. “These are rare species of monkeys which have a successful history of breeding. The mother and the baby are healthy and doing well. The management has taken adequate healthcare measures to nurse and raise the new population in the zoo,” a BBP official said


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