Bengaluru: How much water does one man need to bathe, wash?

 BENGALURU: As many have the luxury of getting water the moment they turn on their taps, little thought it given to the amount of water consumed as many think it is available abundantly.

Have you ever measured the amount of water consumed by you? The answer would be a big 'no'. 

But will you like to take this challenge? If Yes? Here it is for all you. On the occasion of World Water Day, Beautiful Bengaluru has launched the 'Minimum water challenge'. Its main intention is to get citizens take a serious look at their water usage.

All you have to do is measure exactly how much water you can effectively manage with while doing these five activities- washing hands, washing face, brushing, shaving and bathing.

You can even share your details in any or all of the five  categories either on or mail and get featured amongst the city's top water savers.

Through this contest under #MinimumWaterChallenge, Beautiful Bengaluru is trying to make a critical point – majority of us use far more water than needed and this must change immediately.

Odette Katrak, co-founder of Beautiful Bengaluru said "People are willing to take challenges all the time, and here's one that we felt can really translate to something meaningful. It can have a huge impact on actual water demand of cities, a desperate need with Bengaluru, now listed as No. 2 of world cities that will run out of water, and 21 Indian cities are expected to have zero groundwater by 2025. Every single person needs to understand their minimum requirement and cut back drastically."

"My daily bath is with three mugs of water or six with hairwash, with no compromise on end-result," Kartak added.

She is hopeful of getting more people passionate about saving water and take up the minimum water challenge. 


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