Bengaluru: Hoteliers welcome the decision

Bengaluru: There doesn’t appear to be much opposition to the BBMP’s move for designated smoking zones in bars, pubs and restaurants of the city.   

In fact, Continental café owner, Shravan, says it a good move as  families and non-smokers may feel more comfortable being a safe distance away from smokers while enjoying an evening out. Unfortunately, he says , most smoking zones are only in  name as the smoke spreads through the entire restaurant, leaving a stink. 

Another hotelier, Parvathi Srinivas, goes as far as to say that restaurants serving only food should not allow smoking at all even in designated zones as they are frequented by families. “There are several cafes in the city, which serve only food, but allow their customers to smoke, which is not good in my view. I would personally not like to take my family to such places.

There should be a rule that only restaurants that allow consumption of liquor should have designated smoking zones at a safe  distance from the main area,” she adds, strongly suggesting that the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 or the COPTA  Act should be implemented strictly across the city.

“The penalty for smoking in public is just Rs 200. It is time the amount is increased to create  fear among people who light up anywhere they like,” she adds.

Officials of the Tobacco Control Board, meanwhile, refused to comment on the BBMP’s moves on smoking in public places, saying they had nothing to do with its regulations.

 “The board is here only to manage tobacco farming and sale. We cannot comment on anything else,” said an official.


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