Bengaluru heritage beku lists omissions in RMP

Bengaluru: A Whatsapp group ‘Heritage Beku – Past Forward’, has now gained prominence and become an important platform for those passionate about protecting and developing heritage structures in the city. The group has submitted a 36-page suggestion and clarification against the BDA’s Draft Revised Master Plan (RMP) – 2031.

Priya Chetty, a civic evangelist, told Deccan Chronicle, “It is a welcome move that the RMP consists of 31 pages dedicated to heritage preservation and we are glad that importance is being given for the upkeep of these age-old structures. But more work needs to be done and strict enforcement of the framework is required.”

The group, which consists of architects, historians, urban experts, actors, activists, writers and many more have been active in ideating and bringing out suggestions and plans to ensure that these heritage structures are preserved and they reflect the beauty of Bengaluru.

“We started with the Steel Flyover Beda campaign and now we have come a long way. We also meet frequently to discuss about our next step and with regard to the suggestions and clarifications filed against the RMP – 20131, we held a detailed meeting before submitting the file,” she added.

She also mentioned that they are against the government’s idea to set up heritage committee comprising only politicians, bureaucrats and experts. She called for equal representation from citizens of the city.

“There are several heritage structures missing from the RMP and we have asked for clarification to add them. The RMP leans towards the architectural and building centric approach, but we also would like to want the RMP to focus on ecological, natural and living heritage,” she added. In the clarification filed by the group, it has been mentioned that the proposed zoning is detailed and has identified 12 heritage zones. But the maps attached as annexure need to be reviewed to address the omissions.

For example, the houses of the CID offices have been omitted from the boundary of the zone.  The temple complex abutting the Kadu Malleshwara temple is part of the cultural heritage of the locality and is excluded in the Malleswaram Heritage Zone. Such omissions have to be corrected across all the 12 proposed zones, they added.


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