Bengaluru: Fresh survey on school dropouts planned

Bengaluru: Following mismatches in the number of school dropouts in the state, as per data collected at various levels and verticals, the Department of Primary and Secondary Education has decided to conduct a comprehensive survey in a decentralised manner.

The differences in the numbers mentioned by different surveys was pointed out by many including members of various not-for-profit organisations working in the sector.

“While we try our best to bridge certain gaps across domains related to education, it has been observed by many that every year some or the other mismatch in records occur. It is saddening to know that while the right resources are not being used at many instances, some officials show least interest to do so as well,” a founder-director of a leading NGO told Deccan Chronicle.

17 lakh students missing
According to teachers’ reports from the Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE) as many as 1,09, 28,853 children got enrolled to schools in the state in 2016. But a projected population of the age group six to seventeen in the state put forth by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) it is 1, 26, 95,148. This shows a drastic difference of 17, 66, 295. “This difference is huge and it is quite impossible to find what went wrong. The matter has even been taken to the High Court,” added the NGO representative.

Fresh survey planned
When contacted, a top official of the primary and secondary education department said that a Gram Panchayat-wise list will be prepared to trace out-of-school children. “The list will then be compared to that of 2017-18 to verify the numbers. All Gram Panchayats across the state have been directed to discuss the issue at Children Gram Sabhas scheduled to be held on November 14,” the officer explained.

Mismatch in nos, lakhs missing
Students enrolled to schools in 2016 (U-DISE): 1, 09, 28, 853 Children (of age group 6-17) accorded to MHRD’s projected population: 1,26,95,148 Mismatch (remarked as ‘dropouts’ by experts): 17,66,295


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