Bengaluru: Flu aftermath: Chicken stalls under lens

Bengaluru: After the recent cases of avian flu in Dasarahalli, the poultry shops in the city have come under the scanner. The animal husbandry department wants to set up a regulatory body to carry out routine checks at these shops and poultry supplies. At present there is no regulation or control over the supply of chicken and eggs.

A senior officer from animal husbandry department said that most poultry shops are not monitored by the BBMP or any other government department. “There should be a mechanism to know the source of supply to these shops and this will help us keep a tab on the quality of the product. The recent bird flu case in Dasarahalli is an example, as we did not know from where the bird was sourced, until a detailed investigation was carried out,” the officer added.

The poultry shops operate under a trade licence, but there is a need for them to be declared as slaughter houses, as slaughter live chickens happen in these shops, mentioned an officer from the veterinary service in animal husbandry department.

He also said that if the government cannot declare the poultry shops as slaughterhouses, then the chickens have to be cut at  licenced slaughter houses and dispatched to chicken shops. Most chicken shops do not have valid licence to slaughter and hence a bill should be passed to provide them licence, he added.

The matter will be discussed with the BBMP officials and other departments concerned. We would also like to bring this issue to the notice of the state government, the officer said.


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