Bengaluru: Cops refuse to help woman, don’t act against stalker

Bengaluru: Even as women subjected to sexual harassment are coming out under #MeToo campaign, the Bengaluru city police have been accused of refusing to help a woman, who was allegedly stalked and harassed by a man on her mobile phone and Facebook for the last one-and-a-half-months.

After blocking over 60 internet numbers usually generated by apps or Skype from which calls were made to her, the harassed woman approached the Electronics City police station, but the police allegedly advised her to change her phone number and didn’t act on her complaint. The issue came to light when a Delhi-based journalist took to Twitter on Monday afternoon and appealed to Bengaluru police to do their job and not to turn a blind eye to harassment. The stalker allegedly threatened the victim that he would upload her personal photos on the internet if she failed to pay him Rs 50,000.  

After the tweet went viral, Bengaluru police replied on their Twitter handle that the case had been referred to Cyber Crime Unit. But when Deccan Chronicle contacted cyber crime officials, they said that they have not received any complaint but will look into the matter.

The journalist tweeted, “Bengaluru police my friend is being harassed over messages and calls for the past one-and-half months. She went to your jurisdictional police station and was told to ignore and/or change her SIM. This isn't a solution as the messages aren't just someone playing a dirty prank but has gone as far as to ask for a ransom.”

The complaint continued, “The person has been sending lewd messages to her colleagues as well. He basically knows where she works. This amounts to stalking.”

The journalist put out all the details on her Twitter handle, 

including the profane messages, pictures and threats by the stalker. DCP (South-east) Dr Boralingaiah said, “I have asked my officers to report about  the matter. The veracity of the complaint is being verified and we will probe the matter impartially.”


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