Bengaluru: Commuters to soon have common bus, Metro pass?

Bengaluru: To ensure seamless and hassle free travel for those using public transport make the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is planning to introduce a single pass system, which can also be used while travelling in Namma Metro. 

A senior officer from BMTC said, “We have been working on the idea for the past few months and it is still being discussed on how to implement it. We want seamless travel and are trying to ensure that a BMTC bus pass holder can also use the same pass to travel in metro rail. We are yet to discuss it with the BMRCL officials.”

“It is often seen that people have to buy tickets to travel in metro or they have two different passes, one for the metro and the other is for the BMTC buses. We want to bring in a single pass system and also planning to introduce various offers and discounts to those buying these passes. This will help encourage people to use public transport,” the officer added. 

Mohit Kumar, a frequent user of BMTC bus and metro rail said, “This system should have been introduced long time back, as a single pass (for BMTC and metro rail) will help in saving time of the commuters. It will surely be a hit among the commuters and hope they implement it at the earliest.”

 Kumar also mentioned that such system already exists in European countries. 

“Our government has the capacity to bring in innovative ideas, but we do not know why they have to sit on it and introduce it with so much delay. The single ticketing window system will also help in saving time and manpower, which otherwise would require more manpower. When ideas like these are implemented, then the surplus  manpower can be deployed for other purposes,” he said.  A similar idea was mentioned in the BJP manifesto. 


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