Bengaluru: Candidate’s personal bond to assure voters

Bengaluru: While most candidates these elections are appealing to the people to vote for them, an independent candidate in Rajarajeshwari Nagar has signed  a bond paper, giving voters the right to remove him if he does not live upto their expectations once elected.

Mr Alexander Rodriguez, an education consultant and social activist has signed  the Rs 200 bond paper, complete with the  seal and signature of a notary, to assure the people of his sincerity to work for them once elected.

“I have said in the bond paper that I am giving the voters of Rajarajeshwari Nagar the power to remove me from my post if I fail to perform my duties within the stipulated time,” he told the Deccan Chronicle. The bond paper also lists the duties he will perform if elected, against a deadline. For instance, if the streetlights need to  be fixed, a deadline of 30 days is given for the task. 

Posted on social media websites, the personal bond paper has gone viral,  and is receiving much appreciation from the public.

“I am  aware that in a democratic country people only have the power to elect but not to remove a leader, who may not be performing or indulging in corruption. But there should be a change in the electoral process to give the people the upper hand, as it  is their money, after all , that is being looted by the elected representatives,” he added. 

Mr Rodriguez says he ,in fact, believes there should be a change in the People’s Representative Act to give the common man, who has the power to elect a representative,  the power to also remove him if he doesn’t perform as expected.  


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