Bengaluru: Bishop Cotton’s Time Square in offing

Bengaluru: After Bengaluru’s Time Square was announced to be set up near Brigade Road junction, the city will soon get another Time Square on Residency Road, which would be named as Bishop Cotton’s Time Square.

The resolution was passed during the BBMP council meeting on Monday, where a nameplate bearing the name Bishop Cotton’s Time Square will be installed in front of the Bishop Cottons Boys’ school, which is a heritage structure and is over 100 years old. However, the junction in front of the school will not get a facelift except for a nameplate and minor works.

City Mayor R. Sampath Raj told Deccan Chronicle, “We will come up with a nameplate and unique design. We will ensure it grabs every one’s attention. The design for the nameplate will be based on a few themes and we have asked the students of the school to submit their recommendations and the best one will be selected.”

When asked him about installing a small circle, he said, “Till now, we have no idea except for the nameplate, but we are looking into various ideas and anything interesting will surely be given a thought and also we should ensure that it does not hamper the traffic movement, as it is a busy junction. For now, we will just get the nameplate done and minor work to beautify the place.”

When asked him how the idea came about, he said, “I have visited the school several times for various meetings and programmes and they have been asking us to name the junction bearing the school’s name, as it is a British-era school and we also thought about it and discussed it with the council members, who gave the green signal. Also, the school has produced some big names, who are well known across the world and it is a kind of an appreciation for the school.”

Calls from abroad
The mayor also mentioned that as soon as the news broke out about the junction being named behind the school, he started getting calls from former students, who are settled in various countries.

“I was surprised that so many former students called me after collecting my number from the office and appreciated and thanked me for my effort. They are even ready to provide any kind of support to ensure that their school name will be put up. They said that their school has done so much to them and now they want to help the school to get its name at the junction.” 


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