Bengaluru: Beware, muggers on the prowl on Ring Roads

Bengaluru: Beware when you stop to attend phone calls or nature’s call on the Inner and Outer Ring Roads after dark. There are high chances of you getting mugged of your mobile phones and valuables.

The city police have found that most of the muggings and robberies in the city are reported from these roads and interior stretches, where the movement of people is less.

A senior police officer said, “In the last couple of months, there was a sudden rise in reports of mobile and wallet thefts. During the investigation, we learnt that most of the muggings occurred on these stretches. When we checked with the complainants, most of them told us that they were mugged when they had stopped their vehicles to answer mobile phone calls or to relieve themselves.”

Gangs, usually on two-wheelers, go around these stretches, zero in on vulnerable motorists and snatch away their mobile phones and wallets. These gangs pick those who are alone. However, they do not injure their victims, he said.

Another senior police officer said that they have directed jurisdictional police to ensure that no one stops on Ring Roads and question people who stop. “It is common to see cabs being parked on the roadside on Ring Roads and we are questioning them too,” he said.

The officer also said that they will place entry books across Ring Roads, where the beat police will have to sign in every time they pass by. The presence of police patrolling will bring down such incidents, he said.


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