Bengaluru: Bannerghatta Road blighted by potholes, drain water

Bengaluru: Bannerghatta Road is home to many technology companies, educational institutions and automobile showrooms and witnesses heavy traffic even during odd hours.

But at many stretches it is in pathetic shape. Near Sagar hospital, in addition to numerous craters, the motorists have to also contend with sewage water from an overflowing drain nearby. Local residents have to bear with the stench all through the day.

"We usually take the route to go to colleges at Jayanagar block 4 and nearby areas. The BBMP can at least repair the huge stretch since the roads being in bad shape at a signal is not a good sign. There are chances of commuters meeting the accident," said Awang N. Chang, a local resident.

The small stones not only pose danger for the commuters, but if the particles enter into the eyes of the riders it could lead to accidents.

The BBMP has claimed that the roads inside the wards have been repaired and asphalted and the works on the major roads were pending.

However, the citizens claim the Palike delayed the work and woke up only when high court pulled them up.

"Unless the court or Lokayukta pulls them up nothing moves. Just a couple of days ago water overflowed from the drain and since the signal opens for a few seconds the cluster of vehicles at the singnal creates a mess. How could one navigate on bad roads pitched with sewage water?" asked Vivek Gupta, a resident.

The residents want the municipal agencies to take stock of the situation and repair the major roads that need urgent attention, especially the ones that witness heavy traffic.

‘Delay in repairs due to Metro work’
Q&A: With BBMP ward Engineer, Shareef
The road near Sagar hospital is in bad shape. Why this stretch has not been repaired for a long time?
The ward roads have no issues and even on the major roads, the fixing of potholes and patches have been delayed due to metro work. Very soon the BBMP will resolve the issue Even the drains in the area overflows.
What is the BBMP doing?
Regarding drainage issue, the work is on and within fifteen days it will be completed. The desilting work needs to be carried out.
Near the Christ College the students have complained about the breaking of footpath slabs. Has this been looked into?
Yes, in fact at some places iron bars have also been put up so that it would make the pedestrians comfortable. The garbage issue near the college has also been taken care of and I will take the stock of the situation once again. If things are not in place then slabs will be repaired immediately. 


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