Bengaluru: At Sarakki, footpaths overrun by bikes

Bengaluru: Pedestrians using footpaths in the city face twin threats from two-wheeler users.  Bikers ride of footpaths, unmindful of pedestrian safety, and many park them on footpaths, forcing pedestrian to use roads.

At Sarakki Junction, the story is no different. Local residents are angry about the rampant parking of vehicles on footpaths and BBMP’s apathy.

"The ramps are created deliberately by the BBMP to allow the vehicles of commercial establishments to be parked on footpaths. Senior citizens in the vicinity are finding it difficult to walk," said Aleem, a nearby resident.

He also pointed out that boards put up by shop owners on footpaths were also adding to pedestrians’ woes.

When Deccan Chronicle reached the spot, it found that the car service centres were using footpaths for commercial purpose.

"After retiring from service I chose to settle in this area as it was peaceful. Now with the increase in commercial establishments, it has become difficult for us to walk on the street. How could an 80-year-old citizen make his way on the footpath where more than a hundred two-wheelers are parked?" asked Shambhunath, a resident of Sarakki.

As per the guidelines laid down by Indian Road Congress (IRC), it is imperative to have sideways with the height of 150mm on each side. It further states that footpaths should be designed in such a way that there is sufficient space for vending outside the pedestrian zone.

Sarakki residents said if the issues affecting footpaths is not looked into, they may lose their purpose.


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