Bengaluru: At HSR footpath, debris trips pedestrians

The footpath on the Outer Ring Road stretch, close to HSR Layout flyover, has become a dumping ground for construction debris. It has caused misery to numerous pedestrians using the footpath and during night the problem is more acute as the area is poorly lit. Residents allege that those carrying out Agara Lake rejuvenation have dumped the debris on the footpath, instead of taking it to quarries 

Bengaluru: Santosh Kumar Gupta has been staying near the Outer Ring Road (ORR), close to HSR Layout, for the past eight years and he claims walking on the footpath has been a challenge, as they exist only for namesake.

But for the past few weeks, they have to contend with a new obstacle. Civic agencies have dumped construction debris under the flyover at ORR, adding to the misery of numerous pedestrians. The problem is more acute during night as the place is poorly lit.

Gupta suspects the debris is from the Agara lake rejuvenation project. “It is difficult to breathe. Any agency after the completion of the project should make sure that the debris is sent to the quarry and not dumped on a busy road,” Gupa said. He further added that the due to presence of construction debris, a stretch of 50 metres has now turned into a garbage dump.

Recently, the BBMP in a council meet had attacked the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) for not taking preventive measures to minimize the level of air pollution, the major source of which is dust. ORR experiences heavy traffic during peak hours and the dumping of garbage and construction debris has even leads to traffic snarls.

Vishal, a resident of HSR Layout alleges that civic agencies have a lackadaisical approach towards civic duties. “This is clearly civic apathy. One side of the road is blocked with garbage. There is open manhole with a bamboo stick inside it indicating the citizens to take precautionary measures themselves. Since the street light does not reach the particular stretch it is dangerous,” he added.

While speaking to the commuters it was also learnt that the open brazenness of the civic agencies who despite knowing the violations repeatedly commit it. Though there is established quarries zone wise, the debris are hardly touched upon. Moreover, the installation of CCTV cameras , for which each ward was reportedly allotted over Rs 10 lakh, is yet to be finished.

One of the commuters, Sikander Shah told Deccan Chronicle that if the debris and garbage are not removed immediately, it may turn out to be a haunt for cattle and strays. “Can we afford to have this at ORR? Will the government wake up to the reality and take punitive action against the culprits?” Shah wondered.

Q&A with the BBMP Chief Engineer Siddegowda

The construction debris has choked a stretch on the ORR in HSR Layout. What action is being taken?
Any dumping of construction debris is illegal. There are quarries where it should be sent. If this is being done by any government agency, they will be served with notice and asked to clear the area. The lake section should take care that no debris is thrown on the road.

Will you take action against the culprits? The area has now also turned into a garbage dump.
Yes, definitely. Action will be taken against the culprits. As I said that dumping of garbage and construction debris at any public place is illegal. The debris would be removed soon.

The cameras are yet to be installed in wards. Will it not prevent such violations?
Yes, it will prevent such violations and we are in talks with the police department regarding installation of cameras. It will be done soon in every ward.


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