Bengaluru assault case: Who is playing political football with Vidwath’s health?

Bengaluru: Senior police officers in charge of the investigation of the Vidwath case have countered the clean bill of health given to the victim by doctors treating him at Mallya Hospital, after he was beaten up nearly a fortnight ago.
A day ahead of the bail plea hearing for Mohammed Nalapad Haris and his six associates, which is scheduled for Friday, police said they were yet to record the statement of the victim, Vidwath as “he is in no condition to talk.”

Without a statement from the victim, the bail plea could be rejected, raising the possibility of Nalapad and his associates facing more jail time, unless a thorough probe is ordered to check on Vidwath’s actual medical condition.

Doctors who have been treating Vidwath, for his broken nose, extensive damage to his face, and numerous broken ribs had told Deccan Chronicle on Tuesday that the grievous injuries suffered by Vidwath when he was assaulted by Nalapad had largely healed and that they had informed his parents that the 24-year-old could be discharged and taken home as he was making a rapid recovery.

But in a clear case of pressure from political bigwigs, doctors refused to go on the record, cited pressure from authorities to stay silent, with medical staff at Mallya Hospital saying however to this newspaper that while the young man was well enough to go home, "Vidwath hasn't been discharged until now."

Sadly, this issue has become too politicised that even doctors are feeling the pressure. I am not at liberty to divulge the details," a staffer at the hospital said, with sources revealing that Vidwath had been fed solid food on Thursday and was now able to communicate with staff, although with some difficulty.  

Senior police officers, who did not want to be named however insisted that “the victim's statement could not yet be recorded as he is still in no condition to talk.
When he attempts to talk, he suffers from pain as his facial injuries are yet to heal." “We thought the victim can manage to write the statement but he is not able to hold a spoon, forget about the pen. We will record the statement only after the victim is in a position to make the statement,” added the officer.

Another police officer on the investigating team said that when they contacted the doctors, the medical staff mentioned that because of the grievous injuries on his facial bones, “when he tries to open his mouth, or gasp for breath, he develops severe pain in his face, and his body."

"We are waiting for him to recover completely before we record his statement.” he said. Special Public Prosecutor Shyam Sundar, representing the victim had stated in court that granting bail to the perpetrators would deprive the victim of justice.

Mohammed Nalapad Haris and his six associates had brutally attacked Vidwath at Farzi Café in UB City on February 17. After the complaint was registered in Cubbon Park police station, Nalapad surrendered.


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